Translation of documents

Do you need to have any personal documents translated for yourself or your company’s employees? Look no further, we will be happy to do it for you; at your request, our courier can collect and deliver the translated documents to your specified location. We have been translating passports, powers of attorney, diplomas, driver licenses, and a wide range of other documents for many years and know all nuances and subtleties. Our employees are registered with several notaries public. Your physical presence is not required; you will have to come to our office only once to pick up your notarized documents or you can have them delivered by courier.

Notary public certification can be required for:

  1. Personal documents of foreign citizens (translation of a passport);
  2. Business documents (contracts, agreements, constitutional documents);
  3. Educational documents for foreign colleges and universities (diplomas, general certificates of secondary education);
  4. Powers of attorney issued in the name of a Russian citizen in a foreign country;
  5. Parental consent letters for minor children to travel internationally. They are usually requested at the airport checkpoint.

Why do I need a professional translation company to have my document translated and notarized?

A professional translation company is very competent in translation of documents that need further notarization or certification.

Most of the notaries public do not speak foreign languages and cannot translate documents to or from foreign languages. The authorized duty of a notary public is to notarize the signature of the translator who they know personally in their professional capacity or have satisfactory evidence of identification.

If you opt to find your own translator, you will not be able to verify the accuracy of the translation. The best-case scenario is that you will have to find another translator so that he or she could verify and confirm the accuracy of the translation.

The TRANSLIT Translation Company:

  • specializes in translation of documents that need notarization (documents are translated by linguists most competent in this field);
  • provides editing and proofreading of the completed translation (by in-house editors and proofreaders);
  • makes sure that the documents meet the requirements of the competent authorities;
  • saves your time: You will not have to wait in line for long hours to see the notary public.

You only have to bring the notarized original documents or send their copies by email. You will get them back, translated and properly executed, at your convenience, at the scheduled pickup time. No verification is needed.

Our services also include assistance in apostille certification and consular legalization of documents..

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Translation of documents

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