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We focus on translation and interpretation services. The vast experience we have gained in both fields gives us confidence in working with challenging translation projects. Do you have an unusual request? Give us a call or send us an email, and we will find the best solution.


The price includes translation, editing, proofreading (TEP). For more information about our quality assurance policy and linguist selection process, follow the quality. in detail
The price is set for a standard translation page containing 1,800 characters with spaces. A native speaker translates a Russian text into their mother tongue.


To be an interpreter the person needs more than just knowing a foreign language. An interpreter is an expert in speech adaptation and an excellent communicator. Sometimes, they may need to use their public speaking and acting skills. The interpreting services can be quite expensive. However, a professional interpreter is a vital contributor to the successful result. There are two main types of… in detail
It is a preferred choice for negotiations, equipment installation, etc. In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter starts by listening to the speaker, and then once the speaker pauses, they translate the message into the target language. The speaker pauses at the end of a complete thought to allow the interpreter to step in and deliver his/her message in the target language.
It is the most demanding and expensive type of interpreting services, as it requires special equipment as well as extensive training, skills, and experience. Simultaneous interpretation is generally suitable for large-scale events with a large number of participants. It is important that the translated speech should follow simultaneously with the delivery of the original speech, and the audience would enjoy a stable audio stream.
Chuchotage (French for whispering) is a mode of simultaneous interpretation when the interpreter renders a message from one language into another by whispering it to one or two persons. Compared to traditional simultaneous interpretation, it does not require any special equipment and generally involves one interpreter, thus being significantly cheaper.

Translation of documents

Do you need to have any personal documents translated for yourself or your company’s employees? Look no further, we will be happy to do it for you; at your request, our courier can collect and deliver the translated documents to your specified location. We have been translating passports, powers of attorney, diplomas, driver licenses, and a wide range of other documents for many years and know… in detail

Notarization, apostille and consular legalization

If you need your translated documents to be legalized by Russian and foreign competent authorities, we will be happy to do it for you. We prepare documents for legalization for most of the authorities in many countries. In Russia, notarization of the translator’s signature will be sufficient. Many countries require an apostille, a validation stamp introduced by the Hague Convention. The countries… in detail
Intermediary services in notarization of the translator’s signature. The turnaround time: 1 day (1 document). The price at the Central Office: 240 rubles + the notary public fee (730 rubles). The price at the Akademichesky Office: 120 rubles + the notary public fee (730 rubles).
Intermediary services in expedited, same day notarization of the translator’s signature (1 document). The price at the Central Office: 370 rubles + the notary public fee (730 rubles). The price at the Akademichesky Office: 140 rubles + the notary public fee (730 rubles).
Certification of 1 translated document with the stamp of the translation company
Intermediary services in notarization of a document copy are available only when the original document is presented. The original document must be written in Russian or must be translated into Russian and the translation must be notarized. The price for a notarized copy is based on 1 page of the original document. The price for 1 page: 70 rubles + the notary public fee (110 rubles).
Having an apostille stamp affixed to documents issued in Russia: vital records, education-related documents, diplomas, secondary education certificates, certificates of clean criminal record, notarized copies, notarized translated documents and other notarized documents. The fee for apostille certification of documents issued by other countries is estimated upon request.

Formatting (desktop publishing)

For advanced document formats — pictures, charts, drawings, videos with subtitles and captions — we have a team of experienced layout designers. When translated, technical documents, sophisticated presentations, video materials require design work to match the original document. This work is performed by professional layout designers and sometimes is more time and money consuming than the… in detail

Editing and proofreading of translation

If you have a text that has already been translated, but you are not sure in the accuracy of the translation, you may need the services of an editor. Our editors and proofreaders will give you their expert opinion about the quality of the translation and will correct the mistakes. Editing and proofreading are included in translation. However, you can request these services separately. For… in detail

Localization of websites and software

The website should not only be translated, it also should be localized (adapted), both linguistically and culturally, to the target locale (country and language) to bridge language and cultural differences and design intricacies. We can get connected to your CMS, publish the translated version and test it. in detail

Audiovisual translation

Language localization of the multimedia content. We provide turnkey project services: A film, movie serials, educational videos, a presentation video, audio recordings or individual segments of audiovisual translation: transcription, continuity or dialog lists, subtitles, dubbing or voice-over by professional, native speaking voice actors. in detail

Do you need special translation services?

You cannot find the service you need in the dropdown list? Do you need a mobile app interface to be translated, integrating the design features, or do you need a promo video to be translated into several languages, including on-screen subtitles? We can offer you an interesting innovative solution and find professional linguists and layout designers for your project. Please fill out the form below or call us at +7 343 319-57-79

Services and prices

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