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Anna Bystretskikh — Translit

Anna Bystretskikh


An interpreter/translator from/to Italian and English. Anna is in charge of the company’s finance and helps the Editing Department. She is interested in art and runs a blog on cultural events in Ekaterinburg. The mother of two daughters.

Sergei Bystretskikh — Translit

Sergei Bystretskikh


The co-owner and Business Development Director responsible for strategic planning, long-term growth, promotion and marketing. In his spare time, he composes music for films, TV shows, video games, commercials.

Marina Lanskikh — Translit

Marina Lanskikh

Head of the Customer Service Department

She is passionate about anything that can streamline the chaos; an expert in instruction writing. She makes sure that excellent service is provided to every customer and is responsible for training new employees. Proficient in English and Turkish. Her hobbies are reading books, playing board games, and going to rock music concerts.

Anastasia Zorina — Translit

Anastasia Zorina

Head of the Production Department

Anastasia is responsible for the overall quality of translation and integration of new technology into our business. She has been working with the company since 2011. Proficient in English and Italian. She loves Italy and everything associated with it.

Svetlana Dzherdisova — Translit

Svetlana Dzherdisova

Chief Accountant

Since 2017, has been in charge of Translit accounting. Fluent in the language of finance and able to resolve any financial disputes. Since 2023, has been engaged in point sales and tenders. Reads a lot of literature on economics and finance, follows the updates of legislation. Enjoys Asian doramas, loves jogging and walking in the park, enjoys travelling and practices yoga. Raising two sons and a daughter.

Sofia Mitina — Translit

Sofia Mitina

Account Manager

Sofia came to Ekaterinburg from Orenburg at the beginning of 2021 and immediately blended into the tight-knit team of Translit. She works both with Russian business customers and foreign customers; Accolad, one of the largest European translation agencies, being one of them. Proficient in English and Chinese. Sofia prefers active leisure: trips, hiking and walking tours. In her free time, she reads books, does jigsaw puzzles, and makes felt toys.

Ksenia Gorozhantseva — Translit

Ksenia Gorozhantseva

Account manager

Ksenia works with one of our key customers — the Investigative Committee. Proficient in English and German. She is fond of traveling and has been to 30 countries. She is a numerologist and photographer; she collects day planners and wants to learn how to drive a streetcar.

Anna Basargina — Translit

Anna Basargina

Account Manager

Anna joined our team in 2022. She is responsible for corporate clients. Speaks technical English, loves sports, gardening and is a real fan of movies!

Полина Константинова — Translit

Полина Константинова

Ekaterina Stenina — Translit

Ekaterina Stenina

Vendor Manager

Ekaterina is responsible for cooperation with freelancers. Speaks Italian and English, loves rock and alternative music, enjoys reading fantasy.

Yulia Lysenko — Translit

Yulia Lysenko

Editor and Translator

Yulia worked as a manager and translator of our branch office Akademichesky for three years, in 2021 was promoted to the position of editor. Proficient in English and Ukrainian, she has to deal daily with all the languages of CIS countries. She is interested in culture and traditions of different countries; she likes traveling and meeting new people.

Daria Chesskova — Translit

Daria Chesskova

Editor and Translator

Daria is one of the first editors of our company. Proficient in English and Spanish. She is responsible for checking legal, marketing and literary texts; competent in IT terminology. She is an ardent traveler. In her free time, she likes riding a scooter around picturesque Verkh-Iset pond, watching and marveling at sunsets.

Ksenia Kvitkina — Translit

Ksenia Kvitkina


Ksenia specializes in legal and power-engineering projects. Proficient in English and French. She likes reading and cross stitching; she is passionate about rock music.

Marina Petrova — Translit

Marina Petrova


Marina is an editor and translator from English and French. She a book publishing expert. She likes working with literary and art texts. She pursues an active lifestyle, is interested in art and in exploring the urban space. She is fond of skiing, cycling and mountain hiking tours.

Maria Usova — Translit

Maria Usova

Technical Translation Editor

Technical translation editor. Maria can puzzle out the technical description of any equipment or machine, from a vacuum cleaner to an aircraft, not only in Russian, but also in English. She checks the translated texts meticulously, not letting any nuance in the meaning be lost. She is an opera lover and has a passion for the classical guitar.

Nina Cherepanova — Translit

Nina Cherepanova

Assistant Editor

Nina edits non-specialized, medical and legal texts. Proficient in English and German. A horse-rider and the mother of many children.

Valeria Bulgakova — Translit

Valeria Bulgakova

Editor and translator

Valeria started as an account manager working with individual customers; then she was promoted to an editor. She edits non-specialized and legal texts. Proficient in English and French. She is fond of sports (roller skating, ice skating, yoga), reading books, traveling, industrial tourism.

Sergei Sorokin — Translit

Sergei Sorokin

Layout Designer

A Word and InDesign tamer; responsible for formatting translated texts on feng shui. He can handle an insane number of curved drawings and blurred tables. He has been with the company for 3 years. He is interested in Vedic astrology and numerology.

Tatiana Kurganova — Translit

Tatiana Kurganova

Editor and Translator

Tatiana has come a long way from a manager to a translator and editor. She is a principal specialist in translation and editing of personal documents of individual customers. Expertise in financial and medical terminology. Proficient in English and German. Hobbies: water and walking tours, traveling, photography, painting by numbers, computer games.

Elena Belikova — Translit

Elena Belikova

Translation Project Manager

Elena works with Moscow-based customers. Our first distance project manager: she lives in the South of Russia and has never been to Ekaterinburg. She likes discovering new places and learning about the culture of other countries. She likes to spend her evenings in the company of paints and a canvas.

Daria Scherbakova — Translit

Daria Scherbakova

Translation Project Manager

A universal manager capable of working on multiple tasks as an office manager, a translator, an account manager working both with individual customers and key corporate clients. Her hobbies tend to change with time, though her love for reading, meditation and at-home workout is unfailing.

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