We are the team of TRANSLIT

The professional translation company providing a full suite of end-to-end translation services to corporate customers. We pride ourselves on our expertise in translation and interpreting. We have gone a long way to earn success and experience we are ready and willing to prove by our work.


The TRANSLIT Company was founded in Ekaterinburg in 2008. The co-founders and co-CEOs of the company are Sergei and Anna Bystretskikh.


Relocation to the executive-class office suite at the Europe Business Center. Launching the trans-lit.ru website. Signing contracts with our first flagship customers: Russian Copper Company, Enel, investigative authorities. Providing proofreading and editing services.


Expanding the customer base. Working with large Moscow-located businesses as a subcontractor. The extensive adoption of Memsource, a cloud-based CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool. 10 full-time employees.


Launching the 1C-platform-based QTRM, the flexible and versatile translation management system (TMS). Opening our first branch office in the Akademichesky district. Signing our first government contract.


Opening our third office in the Verkh-Isetsky district in Ekaterinburg. Opening an office in Moscow and expanding our federal customer base. Integrating the fully-featured Smartcat cloud-storage system into the translation process. 15 full-time employees.


Significant cultural and sports projects in the city: Ural Music Night, the World Cup, Ural Biennale of Contemporary Art and other cultural institutions. Creation of a layout department. Staff 20 employees.


During the pandemic year, we got rid of unprofitable destinations, closed some offices, transferred employees to remote work, developed an online translation service, and focused on improving the level of service and retaining customers.


Restored the 'pre-Covid' level of sales. Introduced a new service - remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI). Systematized the process of continuous internal employee training.


In a difficult year for international communications, we carried out a qualitative customer service upgrade, continued to measure the level of customer satisfaction. Developed and implemented project-based learning for linguistic students from the Ural State University.

Translit today

At present, the company holds a leading position on the regional market. It has repeatedly entered the list of TOP 50 largest translation companies in Russia (according to translationrating.ru). Today, TRANSLIT has 22 fulltime employees: managers, translators, editors, quality control specialists, layout designers.

Specialized translation

We specialize and are highly experienced in technical, legal (including notarial), financial, and medical translation.

Our team is the key to success

We are a long-established close-knit team comprised of reliable, time and project-tested professionals. The company has 22 fulltime employees. We work with over 700 freelance linguists fluent in 57 languages.

100,000,000 translated words

Addressing the needs of our customers, we provide nearly all the main translation services, and we have immense expertise in all the subject areas. In our services section, you will find the complete list of the tasks and jobs we can handle both responsibly and successfully.

The principles we live and work by

We can and are willing to work fast, but there is a limit. The excessively reduced turnaround time tends to entail the risk of quality deterioration. If we feel that the translation quality will not meet our standards, we will not take the job. Yet, we will do our best to help you out: We will ask you for details and offer solutions, which usually exist.

Selection rules for translators


Most of the work is assigned to freelance translators. Our in-house specialists oversee quality control. We are continuously upgrading and expanding our base of translators, editors and other freelance specialists.


We abide by the company’s policy and never hire inexperienced translators, let alone students and outsiders who claim that they "know the language."


Each candidate seeking the freelance translator job has to go through the multi-level tests and has to wait to be fully integrated into the business process. Each translator works in the subject area his/her skills fit best.


Quality is not just a word for us. We stand by it both with our reputation and financial liability for the end product.
We are the team of TRANSLIT We are the team of TRANSLIT We are the team of TRANSLIT We are the team of TRANSLIT


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We are the team of TRANSLIT

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