Localization of websites and software

The website should not only be translated, it also should be localized (adapted), both linguistically and culturally, to the target locale (country and language) to bridge language and cultural differences and design intricacies. We can get connected to your CMS, publish the translated version and test it.

In fact, we realize the significance of product localization every time we run into the proverbial "translation problems". Irrelevance, incomprehensibility and even absurdity of literal translation, inapplicable number of words constituting the term, multiple-meaning words — all these and many other factors make localization a wise choice to avoid difficulties in future.

The title of the movie "Johnny D." released in Russia was an example of successful localization. For the movie starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, it was much more suitable than the original unostentatious title "Public Enemies". It had a positive effect on the ticket sale revenue.

Localization is broadly used by food companies, automotive groups, film distributors and exhibitors, book publishing companies. It is most popular among software developers and website owners. This popularity is easily explained by the booming information technology market where the bridging of language barriers between the users is a top priority.

Software localization

Software solutions for businesses, user application software, computer games — all these products are created through efforts of multiple specialists; they should be translated into other languages with utmost accuracy: Sometimes the wrongly adapted text can hinder or impede the promotion of the program or popular game in a new market.

To localize software professionally, the company will need:

  • To analyze the market, to estimate the depth of adaptation and to assess the specific features of the intended software adaptation
  • To extract all the textual information from the source product — translation and localization will be required not only for main texts, but also for source code elements, captions, infographics and illustrations, supporting documentation and backup materials;
  • To gain insight into terminology intricacies of the final product;
  • Collaborating with the developers, to assess the results of the data adaptation and to rectify the mistakes;
  • To perform extensive tests of the localized product with participation of programmers, website and layout designers, and translators;
  • To prepare the required technical and business documentation pertaining to the product.

As you can see, the task is not easy; therefore, the company performing localization should be ready to take on significant responsibility. Its work cannot be limited to professional translation; localization requires attention to every detail and to every nuance. By entrusting the TRANSLIT Company with the localization process, you can rest assured: Our competency will help your business expand into new markets.

Website localization

The process of creation of a foreign-language version of a website is very similar to software localization, though it has its own distinguishing features. We have grouped them into a checklist:

  • The information visible to the user is only part of the total text. Translation and adaptation are required for picture captions, SEO texts, popups and even such clearly understandable elements as menu options and buttons. Should the smallest portion of the information be left untranslated, the website may lose its visual appeal and informational value.
  • In some cases, adaptation may be required for the media content (audio and video materials) of the website.
  • A lot of text items need checking for their fitting into the design. For example, if the menu item "Travel" is translated as "Путешествия", there will be a difference in 5 characters. In this case, you will either have to change the design and layout of the page or to come up with a different name for the menu.
  • In localization, a critical role belongs not only to linguistic, but also cultural nuances of the country, for which a new version of the website is created. The most common example is the date format. For example, 05/03/11 in the United States will be read as May 3, while in Russia, it is March 5. Such nuances are numerous.
  • So that the foreign-language version of the website would be efficient, not only the basic, fixed information (description of sections, etc.), but also updatable information (news, press releases, vacancies, etc.) should be translated. It is especially important for large web portals.

By entrusting localization of your software or network product to specialists of the TRANSLIT Company, you will get much more than a new foreign-language version. We help build your confidence and faith in your successful communication with your new partners and customers!

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Localization of websites and software

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