Formatting (desktop publishing)

For advanced document formats — pictures, charts, drawings, videos with subtitles and captions — we have a team of experienced layout designers.
When translated, technical documents, sophisticated presentations, video materials require design work to match the original document. This work is performed by professional layout designers and sometimes is more time and money consuming than the translation. We work with materials presented almost in any format.

Technical documentation includes texts and visuals — drawings, diagrams, graphs, charts, etc. The latter also need translation, which has its own specifics. The translated text should be incorporated into the visual material; all the diagrams, drawings and text arrangement of the source document should remain unchanged. In other words, the original format, layout and design should be preserved.


In technical documents, the text design can be very unusual: The text can be positioned vertically or change the direction or make a circle. The same applies to the text format: italic fonts, underscoring, color range selection and other effects are critically important in the document design.

Working with technical documents, the TRANSLIT specialists provide not only the requested translation, but also reproduce their format and design in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Layout design

The process of arranging visual elements (graphs, texts, images) on a page is known as layout design. Professional layout design is of crucial importance — not only in technical or scientific texts, but also in advertising materials and business documentation.

Regardless of the format or the form of your documents, the layout designers of the TRANSLIT Company will do their best to reproduce the layout design of the source document and provide it in the requested electronic format.

Depending on the order and requirements, we use such desktop publishing and page layout design software as Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and other software applications.

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Formatting (desktop publishing)

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