TRANSLIT at TFR 2022 in Ekaterinburg

At the end of summer, Ekaterinburg welcomed another Translation Forum Russia, the most ambitious and far-reaching event in the language industry in Russia.

Our team was happy to participate in our favorite conference: We saw our old friends, learned a lot of new things, had quite a few rewarding meetings, made a lot of new acquaintances. Right before the conference, we took part in the Running City quest offered by Literra: Making our way to destinations and solving challenging puzzles about our home city was a super thrilling experience! This year, we invited Daria, our best trainee, to join our team of in-house employees at the conference, acknowledging her contribution to our work.

The forum participants discussed the existing situation, challenges of refocusing services towards the East, their concerns about the future of the industry. A lot of attention was given to currently sought-after soft skills; for example, conference speakers captured tremendous interest, talking about extrability, the art of persuasion and argumentation. Some technical presentations addressed machine translation and its application.

Anastasia Intse, CEO of the Pravo i Slovo Company, our longstanding partner, shared interesting stories, talking about corporate law subtleties and work-related curious facts. The significant topic about the relationship between translation providers and buyers was touched upon by Olga Kanenkova, President of the Association of Procurement and Purchasing Managers, a first-time speaker at TRF. Alexey Shesterikov, CEO of Awatera, a leading translation company, talked about fascinating opportunities in project management offered by scrum software. Our friends and consultants from Transeller, Dmitry Pavlov and Sergei Serookii gave a stand-up presentation introducing the audience to 10 ways to increase sales.

This year, the conference was of a smaller scale, in a chamberlike setting and very encouraging. During this difficult time, support from colleagues is of significant value, giving courage and optimistic outlook.

We know it took a lot of effort to hold the conference and we express our deep gratitude to Elena Kislova and her team for their braving the challenge. Especially today, we have to keep getting things done, through thick and thin!

We are looking forward to a new forum, new friends, new experiences!

TRANSLIT at TFR 2022 in Ekaterinburg

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