Our 10 services that can be of help during trying times

The uncertainty of the situation calls for self-control and mutual support. We are always ready to do everything we possibly can to help you. In addition to our standard services in interpreting, translation, legalization and desktop publishing, we offer 10 services, which will help you keep costs down, find new customers and employees or produce high-quality presentation materials. We can offer you different options to decrease the price or installment payment plans based on an agreement.

1. Assistance in finding new markets. Today, the urgency of import substitution and entry into markets has escalated to an unprecedented level for many companies. We are interested in your finding new markets, niches, and products, and we will do our best to help you find them. We will collect information, do basic market research before you step into the new market, help you understand cultural differences and language challenges, consult on import-export operations in the target region, help you localize professionally your marketing messages and materials, communicate with your potential customers over the phone.

2. Localization of websites and materials into East Asian and Middle Eastern languages. Those who are keenly looking at the East can rely on our assistance in localization of their websites and presentation materials into Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Kazakh and other languages. We will give you a price estimate, will offer options to reduce the costs, will help establish communication with a website administrator to make your website available in multiple languages.

3. Apostille and legalization services. If your company or some employees are going to relocate, we will prepare all the required documents in accordance with the requirements, will submit them to the relevant office or department, will receive, on your behalf, the documents authenticated with an apostille or will provide the service of complex legalization including sending documents to Moscow or to another country.

4. Selecting employees competent in foreign languages. If you are looking for an employee proficient in a foreign language, but you are not able to assess their language competence, we will be happy to help you with the recruitment process. We will conduct a job interview, will check the text sample translation test, and will prepare a report on language skills and competences of the prospective employee.

5. Editing and proofreading Russian language materials. If you do not feel one hundred percent confident about the correctness of your letters, presentations or any other texts, you can rely on support and assistance from our team of professional editors and proofreaders. They are very proficient not only in checking translated texts, but also in improving texts in the Russian language. They will correct mistakes, refine the style and improve the readability of your presentation materials and business letters.

6. Digitizing paper documents. If you have a lot of paper documents, but you don’t have enough employees on hand and enough time to convert them to electronic files, we will be happy to help you. You can go paperless, having docx, pdf, indd files or any other file formats you may need. If required, our desktop publishing specialists will correct formatting mistakes and other defects that are typical of scanning.

7. Layout and design of presentation materials. If you are planning to make a product catalog, a commercial offer or a company presentation or if you are not satisfied with the services of the layout designers you work with, our desktop publishing team will be happy to help you create the required design layout and design any presentation material.

8. End-to-end typographic services. If you not only need to have a company catalog or brochure designed, but also are interested in color correction, preparation of materials for publishing and placing your order with a printing house, we can take over the task, providing you with professional support and letting you benefit from the vast experience of our desktop publishers..

9. Teaching foreign languages. If you are interested in individual or group tuition of English or any other foreign language, we will help you find the teacher and organize classes at your site or online.

10. Foreign language conversation clubs. Such clubs offer an excellent opportunity to practice language skills through informal communication, to team up and to pump up your foreign language. In our company, we have weekly sessions of the English language conversation club for our employees. The sessions are guided by top-ranked moderators. Give us a call or send us an email, and we will be happy to share our contacts or to select the teacher meeting your requirements.

Our 10 services that can be of help during trying times

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