TRANSLIT once again gains the status of the largest translation company in the Middle Urals

Based on the results of the annual independent ranking of Russian translation companies, which was conducted by the TranslationRating Agency, the TRANSLIT translation company entered the TOP-50 list of the largest companies in Russia, proving once again its status of the largest company in the Ural Region.

This year, the performance review included 90 companies ranked by their revenue in 2020. Our company moved up to the 42nd line in the ranking list and, as previously, it takes the lead in the ranking among companies from Ekaterinburg and the Ural Region.

As shown by the analytical part of the ranking report, the market for translation services continued to demonstrate its robustness against crises during the year of the pandemic. Contrary to the anticipated decline of minimum 10−15%, the market held its ground.

In its growth, TRANSLIT mirrors the mainstream trend: Based on the performance in 2020, our company has not demonstrated any impressive growth; it retained its position on the market, reporting the revenue similar to the income level reached in 2019.

The year of the pandemic posed serious challenges that we have successfully overcome; we have developed and improved remote work strategies, closed one of the satellite offices, and cut our expenses. Today, we enjoy the feeling of confidence and keep implementing interesting projects. Our customers know that they do business with the reliable, dependable and steadily growing partner.

TRANSLIT once again gains the status of the largest translation company in the Middle Urals

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