Post-editing of machine translation

In April 2022, we were approached by our constant customer, a large mining company based in the Urals. Their legal department needed urgent translation of the new volume of the European Union Official Magazine containing sanctions issued by EU against Russia. The request came on Friday evening — our 'favourite' timing!
Post-editing of machine translation


The translation had to be prepared by Monday morning. The text was 112 pages long. We had to work at a speed of more than 50 pages per day, on the weekend. In order to meet the required deadlines together with the client we decided to use the post-editing of machine translation at the first stage in order to get a draft version of the translation suitable for processing by Monday, and then at the second stage to bring the text to full compliance with the human translation.

Post-editing of machine translation


Our full-time layout designer prepared the document for work within a few hours. One of our project managers Sofia quickly gathered a team of 5 experienced translators and ensured communication between the translators and the editor to discuss terminology and wording in order to keep the text consistent. The project team, being constantly in touch, completed the initial editing within 24 hours and handed over the intermediate version of the translation to the client on Monday morning. The client's lawyers were able to start working with the document right away—the intermediate version was sufficient for a general acquaintance with the text and making an initial decision on the company's future strategy. The in-house editor then proceeded to review the translation to ensure its final quality is similar to traditional human translation. Two days later, the final version of the document was provided to the customer.

Post-editing of machine translation


Machine translation post-editing is a relatively new service on the market and some clients are wary of this option, believing that the quality of such a translation is too low. However, today this service is increasingly becoming part of the everyday practice of translation companies. Specialized machine translation systems allow us to receive technical translations of acceptable quality.

Our post-edited translation is not the same as online translation in Google Translate. We use closed systems of learning neural machine translation engines, in which client data does not leak into the network—data security issues are of primary importance for us and most of our clients. In addition, the process involves a post-editor—a linguist who has special skills to correct machine translation errors (which differ from those of human nature). When proofreading the text, the post-editor is able to bring it closer to the "human" translation by almost 100%.

Post-editing of machine translation

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