1,000 pages, 100 files, 10 team members

In April 2021, we were approached by our old customer, a leading engineering company based in the Urals. They needed translation of a big set of technical documentation on engineering surveys in construction of power facilities. The customer received a large order from a foreign company, and all the documentation, specifications and estimates had to be submitted both in Russian and English within a short timeframe.
1,000 pages, 100 files, 10 team members


Considering that the translation had to be completed within the first days of May, which were non-working days in Russia, there was no doubt that the staff translator of our customer would not be able to meet the tight deadline. Therefore, it was decided to outsource the translation project. Based on the bid evaluation results and the previous successful cooperation experience, the customer selected our translation company.  During 13 days, most of which were days-off designated as public holidays and many our in-house and freelance translators went to different places, we had to work really hard. The team of 10 people (4 translators, 2 editors, 3 layout designers and 1 project manager) worked with 100 files of different formats, which were finally assembled into one professionally designed technical report of 1,000 pages, both in Russian and English languages (we definitely liked the numbers).

1,000 pages, 100 files, 10 team members


We worked in close contact with the customer’s in-house translator who provided us with his previous translated documents. We used them to create a glossary of terminology approved by the customer for the on-going and future projects. In addition, as agreed, we got in touch with the construction contractors (in another region) who provided us with the original editable files.

1,000 pages, 100 files, 10 team members


As a result, we delivered the translation on time, and the customer was able to send the documents to his foreign partner by the agreed deadline. Considering the urgency, size and overtime work, the order price was higher than for a standard translation; however, the high quality and, most importantly, on-time delivery were provided!

We have had quite a few challenging projects over 13 years. Our highly experienced manager who has handled similar translation projects multiple times selects and assembles a team of translators and editors with required field expertise, organizes the step-by-step process and ensures quality control at the project milestones. The editor takes over the translation after the translator; then the translated document is handed over to the proofreader and goes through the final verification of the desktop published end product. The collaboration with the customer is of critical importance, especially during the initial stage of the project.

Our customer was pleased; we were happy and are planning to participate in their next project.

1,000 pages, 100 files, 10 team members

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