Complex legalization in Latvia

In September 2020, there was another case; that time, it was an individual customer who came to our office asking for help in receiving a certified copy of her birth certificate from Latvia and having it authenticated with the apostille stamp for her further relocation to Germany. The customer was on the verge of total despair, and we were her last resort. For a long time, she had tried to go through hurdles in Russia, but, finally, she realized that all her efforts were useless and she had to turn to the competent authorities in Latvia.
Complex legalization in Latvia


For our part, we made several attempts to get a copy of the certificate and have an apostille stamp affixed in Latvia through Latvian translation agencies or directly from Latvian vital records registry offices. However, we decided to play it safe and turned to our Moscow partners who had their tried and tested contacts in Latvia. The final price for the service was quite high, but the customer did not mind: She was willing to pay no matter how much it cost, as her family was desperate to move to Germany for permanent residence, and she needed a copy of her birth certificate urgently.

Complex legalization in Latvia


The situation was aggravating, as the borders were shut down because of the pandemic. It would have been much cheaper and easier to go to Latvia and receive the copy in person, but the pandemic gained the upper hand. The process took quite a lot of time - around a month and a half, as we had to prepare a power of attorney giving a legal authority to a resident of Latvia (our Latvia-based representative) to act for our customer and to send it to Latvia where the designated agent had to request a copy, have it authenticated with an apostille stamp and send it back. Another problem was that shortly before her visit to our company, the customer had gone through major surgery and was allowed to leave the hospital only at her own risk to see the notary public.

Complex legalization in Latvia


Everything ended well; the document was received, the customer moved to Germany. Soon after, we received a very nice positive review.

Complex legalization in Latvia

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